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Pelican Club

Pelican Club

Last weekend a group of local moms gathered at Rodgers Health to celebrate their pregnancies and completion of the Pelican Club program. For the past six months, 10 moms have spent one Saturday each month at the Health Center learning about a variety of prenatal care topics through the Pelican Club. The March session, which was the last for this run of the program, featured a lesson on babywearing and proper use of slings with instructor Mariah Chrans from Uzazi Village as well as a baby shower. The program was a partnership with the Junior League of Kansas City, who provided weekly volunteers to assist with the program. “The Junior League of Kansas City was instrumental in the success of this program,” said Brittanee Caldwell, Marketing and Development Coordinator at Rodgers Health and program facilitator. “We were very fortunate to receive support and funding for the program from the Junior League as well as Hallmark. It was an amazing experience to get to know the moms, the volunteers and see everyone build friendships as the Pelican Club progressed, and ultimately that’s what we were hoping for.”

The primary objective of this program was to improve the health outcomes of the children and mothers by encouraging them to go to their prenatal appointments, providing them with support and education, and promoting immunizations and follow-up care for their infant. As the moms met each month to learn about financial planning, breastfeeding, and even infant CPR they left with an incentive designed to improve the health and safety of their newborns. The program provided pack & plays, carseats, boppy pillows, baby monitors and much more to the participants. “We wanted to provide motivation to make prenatal education a priority while ensuring access to that education was as convenient as possible. Taking care of women and children was always very important to Dr. Rodgers and it’s still a major part of the Health Center today,” Brittanee noted.

Rodgers Health would like to thank The Junior League of Kansas City, Hallmark and all of the session instructors for their support of the Pelican Club.

For more information about prenatal care or to schedule an appointment please call 816-474-4920 or request an appointment online!