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Meet Kadira Suljic

Meet Kadira Suljic

Kadira Sulijic first came to Rodgers Health as a patient, when she arrived in Kansas City as a refugee from Bosnia. Today, she is part of the Rodgers Health team as an interpreter and Patient Care Representative. Meet Kadira.

What Kadira loves about Rodgers Health: “I love to help patients,” Kadira says. With 12 years under her belt at Rodgers Health, she says there’s still something new every day.

What brought her to Rodgers Health: Kadira first came to Rodgers Health as a patient, when she arrived in the United States as a Bosnian refugee. “When I was a refugee from Bosnia, I first lived in Germany and then came to Kansas City as a refugee. My first doctor appointments here were with Rodgers Health. When you move to a new country, everything is different, but they helped me from the very beginning,” she says.

From patient to team member: Years later, after working both at a daycare center and as a dental assistant, Kadira accepted a role at Rodgers Health. That was 12 years ago, and she still enjoys being part of the staff. “At first, I was nervous to work here. I had not spoken much English and I wasn’t sure I could do it. But I took the position and I learned quickly. I’ve learned so much during my 12 years here.”

A day in the life: At Rodgers Health, Kadira is a Patient Care Representative and an interpreter. She serves patients throughout their visits, from check-in and checkout to insurance, copayments and booking new appointments. As an interpreter, she serves patients who speak Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, making sure they get the care they need in the language they speak.

Family: Kadira has been married to her husband for 30 years. They have one daughter, one son and two granddaughters. “I’m so happy to be a grandma!” she says. “I love spending time with the grandkids.”

Outside Rodgers Health: She enjoys traveling and gardening, as well as cooking and baking. Although Kadira especially enjoys cooking German and Bosnian dishes, to remind her children of the culture, she likes to cook anything when it’s for her family. She also looks forward to organizing family events. “With a big family, there’s always something coming up and I like to get things together and organize, to help however I can.”

Kadira’s favorite thing about Kansas City: She points to the diversity of our community. “I love all the different cultures here,” Kadira says. “People are so friendly, and so you always learn something new.”

Best-kept KC secret: Kadira has two favorite outdoor spots for shopping and, while they may not be secrets anymore, they still top her list — the City Market and Zona Rosa.

Best part of her job at Rodgers Health: Kadira’s heart is for her patients, and so she loves serving them. “I love when patients come back to say how much we helped them,” she smiles.