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Meet Gregg Nurrenbern

Meet Gregg Nurrenbern

Gregg Nurrenbern is a nurse practitioner in adult health. Get to know Gregg.

What Gregg loves about Rodgers Health: “I really enjoy the diversity of patients and staff here. We get a chance to meet people from all over the world, and as I get to learn what their life is like, I share some of my life with them.” Every day, Gregg loves meeting patients from different countries.

A day in the life: A nurse practitioner in adult health, Gregg works quite a bit with patients who have chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, epilepsy and depression. He’s equally busy helping patients with acute illnesses — everything from a cold or flu to strep throat and infections.

Before Rodgers Health: Gregg earned his nursing degree at Truman State University. After graduation, he and his wife joined the Peace Corps and spent several years in Ecuador, where he learned Spanish as he worked. Upon returning to the United States, Gregg earned his master’s degree as a nurse practitioner, working at both Truman Hospital and St. Luke’s. He has been with Rodgers Health for almost four years.

What brought him to Rodgers Health: While in the Peace Corps, he enjoyed working with other cultures and speaking Spanish. “Working at Rodgers Health allows me to speak Spanish and serve diverse patients. Living in other countries, you get to know how vulnerable daily life can be,” he explains. “Just going to the grocery store can be incredibly difficult, and I had much more support than people who have recently arrived in America. So I try to offer them as much support and help as I can so they can learn and stand on their feet.”

Family: Gregg has been married to his wife for about 10 years, and they have two young boys — one is two, and one is a newborn. “We’re busy taking care of them these days!” He has extended family nearby as well. “Being able to spend time with my family is important and I like that I don’t have to go far to visit them. I get to watch my nieces grow up and spend time with my parents,” he adds.

Outside Rodgers Health: He and his wife enjoy going on walks whenever they can, and Gregg loves riding his bike — he even rides his bike to and from Rodgers Health when he can.

Can’t pin him down: Most patients wouldn’t guess that Gregg was a competitive wrestler in college. “I really enjoyed the competitiveness of it. Each match comes down to you, and the responsibility is no one else’s but yours.”

Gregg’s favorite thing about Kansas City: At any given time, Gregg says, it’s easy to find something fun to do. “It’s a dynamic city with so much going on. We can easily go to Crown Center to see the train exhibit with my sons, see a play at Starlight Theatre or the Kauffman Center . . . and it doesn’t always have to be something expensive. Many great things in KC are free,” he says.

Best-kept KC secret: While it’s more popular now, Gregg’s favorite KC secret is a restaurant near Rodgers Health — Happy Gillis. “They change their menu all the time, and I like that I can always order something different.”

Best part of his job at Rodgers Health: Gregg loves it most when patients share success stories and gratitude. “Often, we’re working hard and working fast, and we don’t always know how things turned out. I may prescribe a medication or recommend a health plan, then not see that patient for a few months. So it’s amazing when people tell me that the plan worked. When someone takes the time to say thank you, it’s really fulfilling.”