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President & Chief Executive Officer


Hilda Fuentes

Hilda Fuentes has been part of the Rodgers Health family since 2005. “Joining Rodgers Health was the best thing I’ve ever done,” Hilda says. In her role as President and Chief Executive Officer, Hilda provides leadership and oversight in all departments, focusing on strategic growth and operations. Ultimately, her goal is to offer the best in patient care and satisfaction, she says.


“I like knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of many people in our community who would otherwise go without health care,” Hilda says. Furthermore, she loves those who serve alongside her. “There are amazing folks who work here and are happy to be giving of themselves to others. They create a joyous place and a welcoming atmosphere.”


Although the work isn’t done, Hilda acknowledges, each day represents a step forward in better quality of life for Rodgers Health patients. “We continually move in the direction of changing people’s lives through health care. It’s meaningful work and it requires courage and dedication and a whole lot of faith. I know this is my mission.”


Hilda received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Southeastern University in Washington, D.C., and earned her master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in health care from Eastern Michigan University. In Michigan, Hilda served in leadership for a hospice service and within the Mercy Healthcare System. A new position brought her to Kansas City, where she managed and developed hospice programs here and in Nebraska. Hilda’s next role was initiating diversity services at the Saint Luke’s-Shawnee Mission Health System. She served as the first Development leader at Cabot Westside Clinic, and was the first minority in executive leadership at the Kansas City Health Department.


Hilda is one of six siblings and family is important to her. “My mom taught me how to live with grace and courage,” she smiles. Outside of Rodgers Health, Hilda enjoys the Kansas City arts scene, particularly the Kansas City Symphony, live theatre and concerts.

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Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Bob Theis

Bob Theis has been part of the Rodgers Health family since 2006. As Chief Operating and Financial Officer, he works with insurance companies, internal billing, practice managers, and more to keep Rodgers Health strong.

Bob has a favorite quote he shares with his staff, from Lily Tomlin: “The road to success is always under construction.” Helping Rodgers Health constantly improve is key to his role, Bob says. “There’s always a new challenge around the corner and we’re always looking for a better way to do something.”

Although he spends much of his day focusing on finances, “numbers aren’t the only thing I deal with,” Bob says. “I love the patients we serve. When a kid runs up and gives me a high five, that’s the best.” He is also passionate about the mission of Rodgers Health. “I believe in Dr. Rodgers’ basic reason for creating this: to make people’s lives better,” he adds.

His work prior to Rodgers Health included auditing, consulting to CPA firms and accounting at several health care facilities. “I feel like my whole life led me to be here,” Bob says.  In 2010, Bob received the Chief Financial Officer of the Year Award for Small Nonprofit Organizations from the Kansas City Business Journal. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Kansas, and his Master’s in Accounting from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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Chief Health Officer

Sudeep Ross, M.D., M.B.A.

Dr. Sudeep Ross joined Rodgers Health in 2012. His background includes both family medicine and health care administration. Prior to Rodgers Health, he managed urgent care, clinics and systems around the country, but missed directly serving patients as a family doctor. Today, as Chief Health Officer, he enjoys combining the best of both: not only does Dr. Ross oversee physicians and providers, he also gets to care for patients.


“Being part of the decision making team and also a part of the team that actually delivers health care is remarkable,” he says. “That dual role in strategy and in good health care is incredibly satisfying.”


Dr. Ross has another unique connection to Rodgers Health: his Somalian roots. Although Dr. Ross was born in India, he grew up in Africa and this also drives his commitment to Rodgers Health. When he first stepped through the doors, he noticed the Somali language on health center signs. “The place really spoke to me,” he says. “It was an opportunity to serve Somali immigrants, people from a place I loved growing up.”


Dr. Ross earned his bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, then his medical degree at J.S.S. College in India. He completed his residency in Family and Community Medicine at Penn State University, and his Master of Business Administration at the University of Arizona.


Dr. Ross enjoys spending time with his wife, son and daughter, and is excited to be a new uncle. Outside work, he likes painting, drawing and sculpting, as well as computer programming and design.

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Chief Human Resources Officer

Janelle Harvey Jordan

Janelle Harvey Jordan began her time with the Rodgers Health family in early 2015. Janelle is particularly passionate about her work because of how the health center was founded. “It’s really the story of Dr. Rodgers,” she says. “His philosophy was that everyone should be able to access the best health care, regardless of their ability to pay. And working here, I get to see that work displayed every day.”

At Rodgers Health, she serves team members at all levels of the organization — “from our hourly employees all the way up to our CEO,” she adds. Janelle brings more than 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field, having managed and directed both benefits administration and human resources departments. In her role prior to Rodgers Health, Janelle was responsible for human resources oversight at nearly a dozen sites around the country. She received her undergraduate degree from Illinois State University and holds her Senior Professional in Human Resources certification.

Janelle and her husband have three children and one granddaughter. She and her family enjoy being active in the community, particularly with their church and the nonprofit organization Jack and Jill of America, as well as entertaining in their home.

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Board of Directors

  • Sidney King, CPA, Chair
  • Thomas B. Wright, III, Vice Chair
  • Jon Trozollo, Secretary
  • Melina P. Johnson, Treasurer
  • Anne M. VanGarsse, MD, FAAP, Health Care Representative
  • Joe Valenciano, MBA, Past Chair
  • Benoit Blondeau, MD, MBA
  • Katie P. Castro-Galicia
  • Dr. Ximena Ilabaca-Somoza, MPH
  • Poornima Kumar
  • Leonardo J. Lozada, MD, MBA
  • Gina Mace, MBA
  • Donna Wilson Peters
  • Mamie Hughes Rodgers, Board Member Emeritus