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Founder's Story

At Rodgers Health, we’ve believed in family since the beginning. Our story begins with Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers, MD, MPH. In 1967, Dr. Rodgers planned and opened the first federally-recognized community health center in Missouri — just the fourth such center in the country at that time.

Dr. Rodgers believed families deserve access to everything they need to thrive. That’s why he chose to open his health center at the Wayne Miner Housing Project, so families got the care they needed right in their neighborhood. Family was the focus of Dr. Rodgers’ vision, and family is at the heart of the healing work we do today.

In 1988, the Wayne Miner Health Center was renamed in honor of our founder and Executive Director: the Samuel U. Rodgers Community Health Center. He became the Executive Director emeritus in 1996. In December, 1999, the Health Center and the community suffered a great loss in the passing of its founder. Dr. Rodgers dedicated his life to providing quality, compassionate and affordable health care to Kansas City — and his passion lives on today, with healthy families at the heart of everything we do.

Today, we carry out Dr. Rodgers’ legacy at five locations in the KC metro, serving more than 25,000 patients. Our health care is compassionate, culturally competent and universally accessible. As we build healthier families, we enrich our neighborhoods and strengthen our community. At Rodgers Health, everyone is family.